5 Unique Command Of AutoCAD


5 Unique commands of AutoCAD to improve your Drafting productivity.

We will discuss bellow 5 unique command of autocad i thing this will must help you.

  1. TEXTMASK; A command used to removes lines, Hatches, any elements like curve, circle etc behind the the TEXT. It work as a other command s means you can move, copy offset, edit and regenerate.
Textmask Autocad

There are many options to activate this command

Type Textmask or textm then select objects and press enter and if you not need of this command and want to remove mask from text simply use TEXTUNMASK OR UNM.

There is also a similar command BACKGROUND MASK use to send your TEXT in back of any elements.

2. DRAWORDER ; It is another good command which is used to take elements like line arc or any selected drawing front or back of any elements. Means if you have two elements made on each other and want to second one above the otherone you can use DRAWORDER Or DRAWO in command box select object and selct options like fron behind etc to acute the command


3. TORIENT; A bset command to rotate a text as a reference/align to any line or elements. To activate this command simply type TORIENT or TORI in command box then selects text enter and give a reference line where you rotate with respect to.


4. TRIM CUTTING ; It is very beneficial to improve your autocad drafting. it help to trim all elements of outer and underside of selected elements. simply use TRIM COMMAND and tent T (cutting) select object and then trim elements which you wants.

5. ROTATE with reference ; ROTATE any elements with respect to other one . Means if you want to rotate any a rectangle with respect to a LINE the simply use ROTATE select objects then base point type R(reference) in command box then select pints of object and next select two points of rectangle side and then reference points.


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