what is the importance of cad in mechanical engineering?

What the importance of CAD?

Every person on earth has a better life because of manufactured products and manufactured products. That’s means anything you’d imagine that’s made in a factory. It could be the robotic surgery system, could be a bicycle you rode, phones in your pocket, the machine that made your life easy. All of these things.

Our manufacture products and it’s not just about lives for people like us here in Boston, United States. Think of a farmer in sub-Saharan Africa. Their life is touched by manufactured products, too. It could be a piece of farming equipment. It could be a mobile phone that they’re using. It could be irrigation equipment, anything like that. Everyone on earth has their life improved. These manufactured products where they come from. They’re designed by professionals, engineers, and designers around the world in companies that build these things.

A CAD (Computer-Aided Design) professionals say a revolution happening that’s changing the tools that they have available and how they work. And that revolution is not just for the professional product designer. It’s something that you can use to Using the first major change they want to talk about is the availability of 3D professional design tools. These tools used to be only on huge computers, very expensive systems, very expensive software, thousands of dollars an hour project. Here, we’re gonna do an open-source design. so we can open source this so anyone who wants to can build it later.. Not only do you not need an expensive computer, but you also don’t need a computer at all to do this kind of design we can do it on our phones. This is called on the shape. It’s a system we work on. It’s a professional level, three-dimensional cad that runs on a phone. And so we can start building our battery pack to make a rectangle here. And dimension it so that we get the size that we might like. And we can get some audience input here. We can also make easily 3D model on phone through cad software.

We can add more and more features to it, the design starts to look better and better like shell thickness, etc. and this is the way pros build products. But the new story here is that anyone with a cell phone, a tablet, an Android phone, an Android tablet, you can do it. And it’s free for open-source projects. So that’s the first major change. The Avilla, the availability of this is part of the revolution. Now, let’s talk about collaboration. Great designs are done not by single people, but they’re done in teams

Importance Of CAD
Importance Of CAD

 we could make this a very, very detailed design to put a little detail there where we can put some extra features to make 3D models edge softener.

We can pick the color we like out of the, you know, whatever we would like. And people like we can collaborate and do this design together here. And we can also import a logo on the models so that looks as good.

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