What should I learn CATIA or Solidworks?

we are going to be talking about the most powerful mechanical engineering design software which is CATIA and Solidworks.

Which one is the best? What are the key differences between these tools?

Should you pick CATIA or Solidworks we can’t really compare CATIA VS SolidWorks?

catia vs solidworks
CATIA vs Solidworks

CATIA and SolidWorks Both are developed by the same French company, Dassault Systems. Let’s talk first about CATIA, which is released in 1977.

This tool is a PLM software, which means product life cycle management software so it can manage data during product development and tracking any modification made to the product.

So aimed it at high-level customers and on the other hand, SolidWorks is a parametric 3D design CAD software aimed at men low-level markets.

It has miscellaneous tools such as assimilation, drumming, parts or assemblies, rendering, among others. Its user interface is easy to deal with, and it’s very popular.

Industrial design and education. Now let’s talk more deeply. First, SolidWorks lets you design the car and its parts. but CATIA will not let you only design the car.

The car is made in a surfacing instead of using SolidWorks Automotive in aerospace, industries prefer using CATIA because it offers shape more than in capabilities beyond those of SolidWorks.

Let’s talk about the product cost.

Depending on the module selected, CATIA costs between about 10000 to 60000 dollars, but only 4000 dollars for SolidWorks. Finally, we advise you to begin with SolidWorks. If you were a beginner in the CAD field, but learning CATIA later if you have a plan to work with big companies.

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