How to become a design engineer being a fresher?

 We have always a question pursuing a mechanical engineering or after degree that how to become a professional mechanical design engineer. If you are choosing design engineering as a career then there are several options you should have to do it will be possible to improve your design knowledge in six months.

Then let’s get started. So as I said in my eyes, six months will be really, really a good period to practice again and again. A lot of designing skills as a beginner in order to reach an advanced level of mechanical engineering design. But the first question is, what’s the first step that I need to do? Yes, you’re right.

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Design Engineer

So firstly, try to choose a well known mechanical engineering design software which is used by your big car companies like Toyota, Mercedes, Ford, and Ferrari, among others and also

The plans and maximum used in manufacturing companies such as aerospace and automobile industries

Then after a deep service, you are going to find out much software, for instance, CATIA, PTC Creo, NX, and SolidWorks.  so try to choose one of these will be pretty powerful CAD software.

After choosing mechanical engineering design software, you should ask yourself how to start using the giant tool. What kind of e-books we have to choose. As I already said to you we have taken six months of learning periods, it divides two months as a beginner, third and fourth month get to know intermediate skills and for the last two months trying to learn and advance it.

And now let’s return to the second step.

So I advise you to download for free an online E-Book which helps you to start the CAD experience at home at your university or walk.

Work on different geometric shapes either they are parametric or not. I mean, here in the first two months, you must learn the basics of this tool. I think you get it. Now, let’s jump to this thing in two months.

So here you have to focus a little bit because it comes pretty serious when you are going to see in you. Intermediate level and to learn several parametric designs.

Finally, in the last two months, if you were willing to be something in the CAD field, such as professional mechanical designer, you must go through these stressful steps.

For instance, designing cars, following every single detail, repeated again and again for a long period, several hours in order to which the label of creating will designing stylish cars like Ferrari, Ford, etc by following online video tutorials or reading e-books.

Focus as much as you can on every design detail, like outer surface models, door, and interior designs, etc.

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