Increase Your Productivity With AutoCad Best Command

There are several AutoCad Command you Should Know to Increase your drafting Productivity In Autocad. We will Discuss Some Unique Command Here.

  1. Snapangle: – If you are fill difficulty to draft on images or inclined rotation of any objects. Snapnagle is a command to rotate cursor directions according to edges or an defined angle and easily make inclined line or objects according to cursor it also help to rotate any objects or text. How to use : Simply Type Snapangle or on command box press enter define angle or and pick two point according to required cursor rotations.
snapangle 2

2. Torient: Its very useful Command to rotate text according to select two points. How to use: Select text which you want to rotate then type Torient command of command box pick to point of text rotation and then enter.

Count of same objects in one click Selections of similar objects, object in same layer, objects of same color and many more in once time. Many time we have to count same multiple objects . if we individually start counting of that objects it will be take more time use these options to save tour time and increase productivity. How to use: Select required area of multiple objects go to Utility options that right corner in AutoCad choose selections and select an option according to layer, area, color, size of objects. For example if you want to select multiple object of same layer then choose layer options select required layer and ok. There are two benefits of this option you can easily select multiple objects on that layer or also you can counts of that objects which will be written above of command bar.

4. Overkill: Its very user friendly command many times we make o duplicate object and overlapped objects we can easily find it and delete it .

snapangle 1
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