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I wanted to answer one of the very frequent questions when we are pursuing our degree or after completed Mechanical Engineering Degree we have always questions in our mind let’s see what that So a lot of you out on your first outside India of mechanical, aerospace, automotive engineering. And a question that you ask us is which Skilling goes today? They have asked this question in a different way. How should I plan my career if I am in my first and second year?

So first and second year of your engineering college is when you have a lot of time, you enter into a new domain and you want to kind of you have a lot of interest in exploring new concepts. So that is really one to plan for our career. So today I wanted to kind of ideas on how to plan your career. Let’s do what we have got. So the first question that we usually ask is, do not want your area of interest is right.

So if you know what your area of distance. So then you can easily the domain. What are the next steps that you can take in order to move through? So let’s say these are the five fundamental kit is that you can develop a design competition for dynamic’s finite element analysis they fear might be body dynamics, automation, dynamics, programming, electric vehicle. So if you are someone who is interested in design engineering,

You have a creative sense to you. You want to design components and bring them to life. So then what I would recommend you to do is take a look and do design related domains. If you are someone who is interested in a lot of math, physics, and fluid dynamics, then your interest might be computational fluid dynamics. If you are interested in structural analysis, say if you are interested in the demining, what does this standoff a particular component?

What is the stress involved in a particular component? How much force can a particular competence take-up rate? So does comes and do fear of structural analysis. If you are someone who is interested in robotics or say stealing DMU kinematics, say automobile and say to you, if you are interested in how the sheeting and the wheels are connected, or if you are interested in kind of the design of the part, then something that you need to look into is multibody dynamics, automaker dynamics.

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Mechanical Engineering Course

They say you are someone who is interested in programming as a mechanical engineer, then that is of the particular domain for programming in mechanical engineering, software development, for mechanical engineering software that you can take a look into. And the new field does you can also look into as electric vehicles, there’s a lot of Aboudi related stuff that’s coming up. So that’s the other domain. So these are the five domains that you can choose if you want to get into R&D or see a product development life cycle in a company.

So let’s dig deep first. Steve Design. So you are in your first year also India and you are interested in design engineering. They do want to explore that aspect. So in design, that is the fundamentals, which are 3D modeling or solid modeling and so forth. So what does solid modeling mean? So any competent, which is solid, which is basically has lent but at height and has enough volume. It’s a solid model of all the common confidence that you see in real life will be solid.

Your table, your child. All these are solid models. What is sulfates modeling or surface design as the name for this? It’s the exterior. So face off any company. If you take your card, the exterior itself is how it finishes. This second, this office model. So these are the basics of design, engineering. So if you are interested in design, right, what I would recommend is solid and learning up a solid and selfish rate. So here you can use any software to basically learn solid hints of this morning.

I wouldn’t say that is one software that you need to learn because every software has pretty much the same principles. This is a user interface is different. If you are learning of solid modeling in the killing, one of the things you can do is you can take an ultimate. All your works excuse where they will design a Harley Davidson auto can do it. So this marketing goes very well.

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Mechanical course

To make yourself a brand new fisher in mechanical engineering

Thinking of any of these focuses then take a stand on design engineering. That is the fundamentals of. Enjoying a solid surface. That is stage one. You are fresh. You just entered first our second year and you want to learn a design engineer. That’s stage one. You have learned design and genetic.

You have learned how the two of you have learned how to solve it in surface modeling is different. Stage two is where you learn about sheet metal and plastics. What I said before, a solid model is any solid, competent surface is the outer exterior competence. The sheet metal is structurally competent. It provides a stand for auto design. You can see that in you ought to be A.W. bodying right off your car, which is basically the chasey of your car, is the shipment of Bewley.

if you take the outer conditioner in your home. If you have a split DACEY you will see the whole split. Dacey being mounted on a sheet metal plate. So these are the issues, the standard competence. And now recently there is a lot of use of plastics in the automotive industry because it provides it is cheaper and also it is durable and distant. It also is matching to the automotive requirements and it is laid to it. So understanding sheet metal and plastics should be on a stage, too.

So here are some of the causes that you can take a look and do it as automotive B.W. sheet metal design using got down in Mexico on the plastic design using cardboard and expect that the order and exclude learning these tools, skills, and radio to an extent is important because industries pretty much use these two are software to work on plastics or sheet metal. So this is what the stage does. Now you have learned solid modeling, surface modeling, sheet metal, plastics design.

What is stage three? Stage three is knowing GDP Jomon take dimensioning and tolerances. So the stage three is red. Basically you understand. What are how do you define our particular drawing rate? So those are basically done using symbols of planes are defined using symbols, then that is the dollar in, stack up. All these conditions are helpful to learn about GDP. Then if you want to go one step beyond then that you can learn a little bit of analysis, more for your analysis as one understanding how the world works.

And then you can work and do interdiction or fear or interdiction to see if you need to kind of fulfill you as a product development engineer. In stage two, some of the things that I did not mention is basically that B.W. fiction does it. That is one aspect ready to design the component. That is another aspect that you design is the fiction of the competent common interest manufacture. So that is also very relevant in the industry. Veritably fiction is a beta blue sheet metal in plastics and then there is more design.

More design is also very relevant. So these are the four things that you can take a look into. In stage three, to summarize. So stage one is solid modeling and surface modeling. Stage two is sheet metal plastics. This also looks into feature design and we’re losing. Stage three is your mold or mortar analysis, Jarlmadangah balancing, and a little bit of analysis. So if you are a fresh engineer who wants to get into design engineering, this is the pathway that you need to make.

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