Why is design thinking so important in industries?

Each major industrial sector, such as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and many other design companies, has specific design processes and they focus on design thinking they follow. In fact, each company within a given sector will have its unique and proprietary design process and methods. That said, it is important to have a general understanding of how products are conceived, realize, enter service, and are eventually retired and recycled.

As an aspiring engineer, you are embarking on a journey to become a creator of systems and products

Regardless of the industrial sector, you choose for your career, you will find fulfillment and satisfaction in being a creator. If you plan to be an engineer who creates successful products and systems, you should commit to spending no less than 10000 hours over the next four to five years studying the methods and tools used in design in the design process. This will help you become an outlier in the design community. Great design engineers also take on the role of the consumer.

As an engineering consumer, you will constantly be analyzing the tradeoffs between weight and cost, performance and cost, quality and cost, fit and finish performance and robustness, as well as other critical product or system tradeoffs.

Engineers should be educated consumers examining and re-examining before they buy. You will find yourself doing a cost to benefit analysis on every meaningful purchase. This is a skill that many great design engineers develop and nurture. They become their own best critic. Not to mention analyzing and critiquing other co-workers designs.

engineering design process flowchart
Engineering Design process

How to understand becoming an outlier of the design process.

What design thinking is? It is defined as all activities used to conceive, virtually formulate, analyze, test, and refine models that meet or exceed requirements. Once the virtual model is completed, it proceeds to manufacture, product distribution, maintenance, and repair.

How they proceed through the design process. Why should we devote time to learning the design process? The answer is quite simple. It leads to the development of successful products. Successful products continue to reinvent themselves via the design process.

I think most people would recognize these cell phones as the generations of the popular iPhone. It was first launched in 2007 and today in 2015, we have the iPhone six and the iPhone six plus. Successful products create keep reinventing themself through the design process. All companies have standard design processes because it is their roadmap for creating amazing successful products.

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